Our FAQ section includes answers to general payment and insurance questions. If you have more specific questions, please contact us.

Your initial consultation is no charge. If you are using insurance, the blood draw will be covered. If you are paying cash, the blood draw is $95.

Your testosterone levels need to be around 300 (or lower) for insurance to cover TRT therapy. However, it will depend on which insurance carrier you have. We check your coverage before treatment.

Costs are determined by your specific insurance plan.

Generally, there will be deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance and max out-of-pocket that will be your financial responsibility. Upon starting a TRT regimen, we will discuss payment options that cover deductibles and co-pays.

Costs vary depending on your share of financial responsibility. We can set-up affordable payment plans to cover your out-of-pocket expenses.

If insurance elects not to cover treatment, elective treatment is still an option. We will discuss affordable cash payment options during your follow-up consultation.

We are in-network with many major health insurance providers (except for Medicare and Medicaid), including but not limited to Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UHC, Midland’s Choice, UMR, Medical, Group Pension Administrators, TriCare, and more. We also accept HRA/HSA payments. If you would like to know what your specific plan covers, we can check your coverage before treatment.

Testosterone levels vary for each person depending on their age, symptoms, and other outliers. What is normal for you may not be a normal level for the next patient. We still treat many patients whose levels are in the 300-600 range who are symptomatic, and we see them have significant improvements in their symptoms. For more information on T-Levels read our blog post, Testosterone Levels as We Age, to find out more.

Whether covering deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket costs for insurance or you are paying cash for treatment, we accept all payment forms including HSAs, Flex Spending, debit/credit cards, cash, and checks.

We feel that gentleman get the best results when visiting the clinic every week, where we are able to closely monitor your progress and ensure you are feeling your best. In some cases, you can have the medication drop shipped to your home for your convenience, and visit our clinic for blood draws and check-in with our physicians. You will need to have a conversation with your provider to see if at home injections are appropriate for you.

Insurance does not cover ED treatments and medications.

Insurance does not cover Peptide medication. However, if you are using an HSA, you may be able to use your benefits.

We currently do not. At this time, all patients must be seen in our clinic for treatment. We currently only have clinics in the United States.

Your initial consultation at Limitless Male is no charge. If you are using insurance, your blood draw will be covered that day. If you are paying cash, there is a $95 fee for the blood draw.

The initial consultation may include a blood draw. Patients will need to fast from food for 8 hours prior. Only black coffee, tea, and water are permitted in that time frame. In addition, we ask that patients abstain from any workouts, supplements, and sexual activity for 48 hours before your initial blood draw, because those can skew your testosterone results in the blood work.

For your first appointment, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to complete new patient paperwork. Please remember to bring in your driver's license, insurance card (if applicable) and a list of any medications you are taking.

We have a sister clinic called Trillion Health & Hormone that specializes in women's health and offers very similar treatments that are offered at Limitless Male Medical Clinics. They also are able to do women's wellness visits.

If you are a current patient or a new patient filling out paperwork online, please visit LMMC Patient Portal to access your information and appointment schedule.

Our blog post TRT and Fertility goes into more specific detail provided by our doctor, on the impacts of treatment with fertility. We also make sure to discuss this at your first appointment if you are still interested in having kids. With treatment you will also receive HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) to prevent any future complications with fertility.

While the idea is the same behind the treatment, we are using a more advanced and up-to-date technology. The LimitlessPulse™ “focused shockwave” deeply penetrates penile tissue (up to 3x deeper than previous models) to help restore and rebuild blood vessels in the penis.

Limitless Male offers promotional financing for erectile dysfunction procedures (LimitlessPulse and LimitlessResurrect)through CareCredit®. The CareCredit health, wellness, and personal care credit card gives you a convenient, flexible way to pay.

Visit the CareCredit website to find out more or talk to your patient experience manager.

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*If you are not using insurance, there may be a nominal charge for the blood test. We will discuss any charges prior to treatment.