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Making Excuses for Your Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Let’s talk testosterone, specifically testosterone replacement. And before you stop reading, let’s be clear this is not your mama’s testosterone. It’s easy to roll your eyes and tune out when you hear the word testosterone. This is not the testosterone of 20 or 30 years ago. This is not steroids or “juicing” or just for those who want to look like Arnold (but hey it’s good to have goals right). Testosterone replacement applies to any male 20 (yes this young!) to alive.

Now that doesn’t mean that every man that falls in that age range has testosterone deficiency but the percentage of men who are deficient is increasing at an alarming rate. The older we are the higher risk of being testosterone deficient. Part of the problem is that many of the symptoms are subtle and happen progressively over time. Which often leads to making excuses…”I’m so tired because I’m working 10 hour days”…”I can’t focus because I have so much going on at once”…”Of course, my sexual desire is decreased, I’m exhausted and only getting 5 hours of sleep a night”…”I’m getting older, my joints should hurt”…”If only I could get more sleep or have more energy, I might have more energy for well…LIFE!” Sound familiar at all? Every single one of these could be a symptom of low testosterone. Admitting that you may be testosterone deficient and having that conversation with a medical provider may be one of the most important conversations that you aren’t having.

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Are you feeling down and out of energy? Maybe it’s time to investigate whether your testosterone levels are on the decline. Testosterone is a hormone primarily associated with building muscle and improving libido, but also has an effect in mental clarity as well!

June is Men’s Health Month

Men are finally being taken seriously when it comes to their health. June is Men’s Health Month, and a great way to bring attention and focus on the importance of men’s health. At Limitless Male, we want you healthy for life! In our society where appearance often matters more than anything else – including one’s own well-being – most guys don’t feel confident taking care of themselves because it seems unmanly if not effeminate.

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Longer lasting erections, stronger orgasms, desire for sex and intimacy: are these missing from your daily life? This all may be a result of low

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